Monday, 23 January 2012

Francis Harold & The Holograms 2011 UK Tour Tape

If you've heard their Who Said These Were Happy Times LP, you'll know what you're getting from this release. If you're new to the atmospherics of FH&H, let it be known that Francis Harold shrieks like a man hobbled by grief, drugged in a cave, pouring out his vocal echoes as if no one is listening. The somewhat independent Holograms behind him busy themselves by contructing a great noisome barrier - ludicrously dense, sharp and twisted.

This UK tour tape is an extension of the belaboring '..Happy Times release, only executed with more avant stress. Almost all notions of redolent Flipper impact has been washed away under rolling feedback. Think Drunks With Guns, minus the flecks of clarity, with 4 extra dimensions, incessantly ponderous basslines - repeated ad nauseum. Fucking brilliant if you can keep it down.

coming soon on Video Disease

- Josh

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