Saturday, 26 February 2011

Pagan Punx

This is Sam James Velde of LA's Cold Sweat Records, Power of The Riff, Night Horse and others, as well as Josh Turner who writes at youngsoulsbreakmoulds . Pagan Punx will be an explosion of record reviews, interviews, exclusive video material and general punk rock appreciation. We are fervently writing material, expect a slew of posts to kick everything off within the next few days.

Currently playing this, last years demo from Neon Piss. Check out their blog over at Expect swathes of Punk 'n Roll nodding to west coast flagbearers of old such as Wipers. Perhaps one of the most considered, solid demos of 2010, yet despite how rooted and well executed it sounds, it manages somehow to avoid neat genre classification. If the weight of my recommendation isn't enough, check out what Terminal Escape wrote about this release & follow his download link.

- Josh

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