Thursday, 10 March 2011

Milk Music

Milk Music
Beyond Living 
Self Released

I haven't stopped listening to "Beyond Living" by Milk Music since I found out about them. Upon first  listen I have been completely hooked-in. Sounding like the bastard children of Greg Sage or J. Mascis, Milk Music have an uncanny ability to blend completely ragged and fuzzed out guitar lines with raw and passionately delivered vocal melodies that stick and won't let go.  Songs that sound like they were written and recorded in the same day. Leaving everything real and unhinged on display in beautiful abandon.  It's hard to not compare them to late 80's Boston bands like Buffalo Tom, Dinosaur Jr., or the earliest and reckless days of The Lemonheads. All the while tapping into the lineage and history of early 90's northwest bands like Crackerbash, Thirty Ought Six, Pond or lesser known Sub Pop gems of the era like Rein Sanction or Elevator To Hell. Yes, Milk Music are that good. Indeed they are compulsory listening to anyone with such an inclination to the sound of any of the bands here mentioned. 

Favorite Tracks:  Beyond Living. Out Of My World.

- Sam

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