Sunday, 22 May 2011

CREEM - Demo

The irrepressible tastemakers of noise and all things punk over at have been championing this band as of late, and quite frankly you better believe the hype. CREEM are a force of Hardcore nature more than willing to spit in your eye and punch you in the windpipe. Their arsenal of rhythmic drumming, shattering bass lines, commanding guitar work and overly capricious vocal dynamics pool together a rigmarole of disjointed points in punk rock chronology. The rolling chorus of 'Sick Of You' hamfists together a deranged Keith Morris with the kind of attrition war momentum of Negative Approach's 'Dead Stop'.

Wasted Time wastes no time. Sorry. This track kicks and screams hard enough to rattle Danny Spira's brain all the way from the East Coast. The line 'You've got your problems, I've got mine' mimics the stomp and clout of the third and penultimate track with it's chewed up textures of gnawing hardcore punk. CREEM are not afraid to lash groove and the odd twinge of melody into place alongside their brand of crippling hardcore. Perhaps it's important to point out that this band contain members of the some of the most prolific New York hardcore bands right now; including figureheads from Nomos and Natural Law.

Quite frankly this band sounds like the best fruit of the best bands from around the New York scene getting together with no real strict blueprint for mayhem. The result is organic, yet complexly visceral. Aware of itself, yet wantonly uncoupled. I can only imagine the live shows to be a cyclone of bodily fluids, broken basement dry wall and piss.


- Josh

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