Saturday, 21 May 2011

Two Days With ICEAGE

Last monday I went to the Fucked Up / IceAge / Eagulls / Black Lungs show in Leeds, UK. Along with my friends Harry and Sam I ended up spending two days with IceAge, showing them around Leeds, buying Madonna records with them, getting high and taking photos. I took them to pick up a copy of VICE magazine because they had no idea that their New Brigade record had been given 9/10 this month.

IceAge are a ridiculously exciting prospect for many reasons. Firstly, their average age comes in at 19, and they're already writing tracks that smack of musical maturity way beyond their years. Frontman Elias told me how he wanted to write songs that sound like his band covering Bruce Springsteen songs, and that the song Broken Bone is a perfect example of such disparate sources meeting in the middle.

They've grown up in Copenhagen, a vibrant metropolis at first glance, but on assessment this background has provided them with an open space to flourish however they've wanted to. Rather than being cluttered by a bulwark of bands and scenes apparent in say, New York, London, Los Angeles, etc, they've been given a geographical pocket to make their own.

Here are a few photos from two days spent getting to know the most exciting band in Denmark;

- Josh

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