Sunday, 17 July 2011

An interview with Perennial Death

Does your locality of Olympia have any bearing on the kind of records that you guys put out?

yes. for the most part we put out olympia music. or at least music that has to do with olympia

Considering Olympia's rich musical history, pertaining particularly to punk rock, do you feel a certain inclination towards putting out music which honours the bastions of the past?

as for the past, whether having to do with olympia or not, it's important to me to not act like it didnt happen and to not repeat it. Olympia has a tradition of forgetting and rebuilding. as for putting out music that honours the can't move forward without dealin with your past, otherwise you get stuck in rehash. we put out music that moves forward

Do you feel that Perennial's output somewhat balances the afforementioned stylistic reflections of past artists with the current tastes of those working behind the scenes at the label?

In some ways perennial's output is just the medium of all the current that's going on here
We're just feeling that.

Considering the diversity between artists such as Milk Music, Broken Water, Weird TV etc, would you say there is, if any, a theme or style which unifies the records that Perennial have put out so far?

the future.

Many of our highlights from 2010 were records that you guys helped to put out. Those of particular note would have to be Milk Music's 'Beyond Living,' the Son Skull releases and the debut LP by White Boss. What can you tell us about working with such an impressive roster of refreshing punk talent?

all those bands are insane. they hold the insanities of the world that's why people like them. but it makes them trying to work with.

Are the operations of fellow Olympian labels such as K Records and Kill Rock Stars sources of inspiration for what Perennial are doing?

No disrespect though. just not the same game.

Not that I am seeking to easily classify Perrenial with other labels, but I consider projects such as Fashionable Idiots, Drugged Conscience and yourselves as the forerunners of today's raw, challenging, punk rock scene as a whole. Do you see a kinship between yourselves and any other burgeoning hardcore labels across America?

I don't know about burgeoning, but DOM AMERICA. all those other guys are nice though.

Looking forward, can you tell us anything about what Perennial has planned for the future?

New sonskull, wooden kimono, catatonic youth, cairo pythian, dead head. new weird tv.

- Josh

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