Friday, 2 September 2011

Sucked Dry

Black & white brickwall hardcore or ‘Mysterious Guy’ - or whatever you want to call it - tough, weighty and sharp enough to flay flesh. Vocals sound like Tony from SQRM but with more bellyache. The nucleus of sound behind him also kicks out a similar miasmatic flavour to Massachusetts' most recent Siege worship incarnation. It only proves to be a good thing cause this record rules so hard.

Track three 'Sympathizer' stalks in the same way that some of the lesser disturbing Drunkdriver songs did, and channels threads of neurosis through the needlepoints of drum thumping and vocal wails. The sporadic slow march stomps are chicken wired together by some of the most untamed flashes of hardcore intensity this side of the decade, clamped at either end by Born Against guitar influence. Hardcore records that intentionally blast their way through 8 songs in 80 seconds don’t usually manage to rain down bursts of dread in the way that Sucked Dry do.

This came out last year but I missed it at the time, too busy fawning over Milk Music or something…

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- Josh

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