Monday, 10 October 2011


Photo courtesy of Madison East

Last spring DNF hit my radar when the played The Blvd. in Los Angeles. No, I didn't see the show, but I heard members of Trash Talk and Touche Amore had another band that was heavy and brutal and that I'd probably like em. Fast forward from word of mouth to bass player Sam Bosson sending me some new songs they had recently recorded and......holy shit the songs ruled! A few weeks back they rolled through on a mini-tour they were doing with Deafheaven and I was there. Again, holy shit these songs rule live too! Not to mention their performance was just full throttle.... serious dose of 'I dont give a fuck'. Just a solid pummeling to the senses. One of the few shows I had seen of recent that I continued to think about days later, jonesing to see em again.

DNF hailing from opposite directions of California, aren't a new band. Originally named Duke Nukem Forever, the 4-piece consisting of Kyle Takahashi, Sam Bosson, Chad Kawashima and Elliot Babin began playing in 2006. The band was put on ice in 2008 when Kyle and Sam relocated from Los Angeles to San Fransisco and Chad moved to Portland, OR. It wasn't until recently that Sam and Chad returned to Los Angeles and they reformed as DNF. The sound is heavy, aggressive, ugly music that borders the realms of power violence, doom and Scandanavian d-beat. DNF has recorded a 7" of all brand new material that is scheduled to come out in November 2011 on Chris Colohan's (Cursed/Burning Love) label High Anxiety Records. You can get a taste of what's to come on their band camp page here: DNF - Bandcamp
Go see this band if you have the chance, and buy that sucker when it comes out. You'll be "Hurt".

Photo courtesy of Madison East

Photo of courtesy Of SF Sludge

- Sam

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