Saturday, 8 October 2011

Psychic Blood

We are slow on the uptake with this one. Psychic Blood are from Holyoke, Massachusetts and curdle together this great fucking blow out of frantic Greg Sage meets aggressive 'You're Living All Over Me' guitar thrashes, with a Paul Leary type figure overseeing the proceedings.

That descriptions is failing me already, on the first read back alone. Psychic Blood take point from all my favourite bellwether's in punk history, but unlike others they avoid the tiresome dove-coterie of 'this is garage punk,' 'this is noise.' On the contrary they force feed a palette of noise and gazey vibrations into the mouth of something hungry for an honest garage feel.

The vocals are distant, echoey, but overruling in some blindingly contradictory sense. This cassette is a barefoot trek through a hedge maze of assertive noise, intelligent Sonic Youth patterning and perhaps the most level headed rock rhythms that Scratch Acid ever produced. Soak it up.

Further research reveals that they have another release out which i'll lump in with the demo below.

Psychic Blood - Demo
Psychic Blood - Leaves
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 - Josh

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