Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Omegas - Sonic Order

Absolutely besotted with this record right now. I loved ‘Psycho Dives..,’ but this is just a complete step up in terms of song writing efficiency. First track ‘Street Meat’ reminds me of a whole cornucopia of punk influences. Take your rudimentary Minor Threat attitude and mutate it by way of contemporaries such as Men’s Interest - only a less fuzzed out Men’s Interest - and blur the seams even further with a layer of Negative FX edginess and clout. There is also a fat vein of Negative FX boisterousness flowing right down the spine of this band.

Not one of the four tracks on Sonic Order get to see what the other side of the two minute mark looks like, and hopefully this should go someway to indicate how urgent this EP sounds. Swagger and punch relay into groove and shock as 'Ravage of Ape' burns through it's forty-eight second window. The guitar presence is pronounced but not overly hefty, certainly more garagey than anything you'd expect from a band who share their name with half of a Cro Mags album title.

Download Sonic Order (link from icoulddietomorrow)

- Josh

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